County Official Plan – public input meeting

There is a meeting to discuss whether Perth County’s Official Plan should be revisited in regards to wind turbines. The County is asking for public input into the issue.

This is an opportunity for you to give our local elected officials your input into Plan.

Currently, there is provision for large scale wind farms.  Attached is the current relevant information that currently exists in the Official Plan.


Date: Thursday April 18

Time: 7:30 pm

Location:  Sebringville

Please pass this information on to others.Current Relevant Sections

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Wind power kills jobs and increases electricity costs: Report

By Antonella Artuso, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

Thursday, April 11, 2013 8:36:23 EDT AM
TORONTO — Ontario’s pursuit of wind power has driven up electricity prices, is killing jobs and might even lead to more smog, a new Fraser Institute report says.
To read more:

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Pettapiece demands moratorium on wind farm development

March 27,  2013
Pettapiece demands moratorium on  wind farm development
(Queen’s Park) – Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece again took his constituents’ concerns to  the Ontario legislature on wind farm  development. In a question to energy minister Bob Chiarelli, Pettapiece pressed  the government to make good on its promises in the throne speech by issuing a  moratorium on wind farm development.
The Liberals’ throne  speech talks about suddenly wanting to work with municipalities,” Pettapiece  said. “It talks about respecting local decision-making when it comes to energy  infrastructure development like wind turbines. It stresses the need to have  willing host communities.
“Well, minister, the  premier is visiting a non-willing host community as we speak, and my community  is definitely not a willing host community.”
In response, Chiarelli  promised the government is “working on some changes” to give municipalities more  control over the location of energy projects. Pettapiece was not  impressed.
“It sounds like the  Liberals forgot to include the fine print in the throne speech that states, ‘applies only to gas plants in the GTA where Liberal seats are at risk,’” Pettapiece said, referring to the cancelled gas plants in Oakville  and Mississauga that will cost taxpayers hundreds of  millions of dollars. The final bill is not yet known.
Despite the minister’s  response, Pettapiece is very concerned about that the government still has yet  to take any action.
“Minister, across Ontario, including Perth–Wellington, there are  proposals for industrial wind turbine projects that are strongly opposed by the  host local community,” he said.
For that reason,  Pettapiece and the Ontario PC caucus are calling for an immediate  moratorium.
On March 5, Pettapiece  demanded Premier Kathleen Wynne put a stop to the Conestogo Wind Energy Project.  He personally hand-delivered a copy of the package detailing the gaps in the  project as recorded by the Municipality of North  Perth.
At a minimum,  Pettapiece is asking the government to provide another 90-day review period  after Invenergy, the company proposing the wind farm, tries to fill in the gaps  identified by the municipality.
– 30  –
Randy Pettapiece,  MPP  |  519-272-0660  |
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‘Not Willing Hosts’

The group in North Perth and Perth East are organizing a community event on Wednesday April 3 to show that we are ‘Not Willing Hosts’. We will be presenting updates on various aspects of wind turbines. It is a small fundraiser for the local group plus part of a wider Wind Concerns response to the FIT conference taking place in Toronto on April 3 and 4th.

This is an evening event starting at 7:30 pm and tickets are $10. It is being held at the Listowel Agricultural Hall.

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Our provincial government & the wind industry destoyed this eagle nest today.

All in the quest to “protect our environment”  and make way for “green energy” the Ontario government took down an active eagles next today (a species of Special Concern in Ontario ONLY 57 in Ontario). Their reasoning? For the construction of wind turbines. Tragic!

More pictures at


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St. Columban project up for 30 day comment

Submit Comment for St. Columban Wind Project – Due December 21

Proponent: St. Columban Energy LP– 222 3rd Avenue, Calgary Alberta, Canada T2P 0B4
Instrument Type: Approval for a renewable energy project – EPA s.47.3(1)
Ministry Reference Number: 6602-8V9P97
Ministry: Ministry of the Environment
Date Proposal loaded to the Registry: November 21, 2012
Comment Period: 30 days: submissions may be made between November 21, 2012 and December 21, 2012.
Description of Instrument:
This posting is for a proposed Renewable Energy Approval (REA) by St. Columban Energy LP (a wholly owned subsidiary of Veresen Inc.) for the St. Columban Wind Project, proposed to be located in the Municipality of Huron East, the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry and the Township of Howick, Huron County. This is a Class 4 Wind Facility with a total expected generation capacity of 33 megawatts (MW), and will consist of 15 turbines.

The proposed facility is considered to be a Class 4 Wind Facility under Ontario Regulation 359/09 (O. Reg. 359/09) Renewable Energy Approvals under Part V.0.1 of the Environmental Protection Act. Applications for Renewable Energy Approvals are required to be submitted in accordance with O. Reg. 359/09 for consideration for approval.

Other Information:

This comment period is for the public to review and provide comments and input directly to the ministry.

Public Consultation:

This proposal has been posted for a 30 day public review and comment period starting November 21, 2012. If you have any questions, or would like to submit your comments, please do so by December 21, 2012 to the individual listed under “Contact”. Additionally, you may submit your comments on-line.

All comments received prior to December 21, 2012 will be considered as part of the decision-making process by the Ministry of the Environment if they are submitted in writing or electronically using the form provided in this notice and reference EBR Registry number 011-7629.

Please Note: All comments and submissions received will become part of the public record. You will not receive a formal response to your comment, however, relevant comments received as part of the public participation process for this proposal will be considered by the decision maker for this proposal.

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Wind turbines ‘killing jobs’ PC energy critic contends

by Patrick Raftis, The Wellington Advertiser
Wind energy is “killing jobs” in Ontario. That’s part of the message Progressive Conservative energy critic Victor Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing, brought with him on a tour of the region last week. Fedeli visited Alma, Mount Forest, Listowel, St. Marys and Stratford on Nov. 15, accompanied, at several stops, by Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece.

“With a group in Alma along with MPPs Randy Pettapiece and Ted Arnott (Wellington-Halton Hills) talking about wind energy killing jobs,” Fedeli tweeted during his visit there. Pettapiece said the gathering at the Alma Community Centre was a small one and included a few local citizens who had expressed some concerns about wind energy. The residents’ concerns focused on proposed projects in the Arthur and Belwood areas. Pettapiece said wind energy is a job killer because “industries are leaving Ontario because they can’t afford the energy prices.”

The MPP said Ontario would face the same fate as European countries that have gone heavily into wind power and are now “cancelling their contracts because they can’t afford the energy.” Read article

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Schellenberger talks wind turbines, grants

The Mitchell Advocate

By Andy Bader, Mitchell Advocate

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perth-Wellington MP Gary Schellenberger made a brief visit to West Perth municipal council last Tuesday, Nov. 13, and a wide-ranging discussion touched on wind turbines, grant news and the country’s Sesquicentennial in 2017.

West Perth Mayor Walter McKenzie asked if Schellenberger, a municipal politician for 12 years before venturing into federal politics, brought with him a “big cheque” or news on the municipality’s Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund grant application from earlier this year. West Perth applied for two-thirds federal grant assistance with two projects, accessibility renovations to the Mitchell & District Arena and Community Centre ($960,000, or a grant request of $480,000), and the reconstruction of Line 36, for just over $1 million (or a grant request of $513,400). Unfortunately, Schellenberger said he had no news on the requests, only that they made the first cut.

“We do expect the notices to go out before the end of the year,” he said, and suggested that the municipality “do as much preliminary work as you can” so if/when the grant is approved they can proceed immediately.

Council is hoping to at least improve the washrooms at the Mitchell & District Community Centre, and doesn’t want to do what amounts to a band aid solution before they get confirmation of the grant. Timing is key for the work at the community centre, facility manager Rick Vivian noted, especially with the International Plowing Match (IPM) approaching next September. He also doesn’t have a huge window to perform any work based on the current bookings for 2013.

Speaking of grants, Mayor McKenzie also asked Schellenberger if the federal government had Sesquicentennial plans for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. He recalled the federal government offering grant money for centennial projects in 1967, and most municipalities took advantage of this opportunity.

“Yes, I think there will probably be something there,” Schellenberger said. “I suggest you get all your ducks in a row, and be ready.”

Mayor McKenzie noted the municipality’s Streetscape improvements, which are planned for 2013 and being spread out over the next few years, would tie in perfectly with any Sesquicentennial fund. He hinted that the post office clock tower might be something the municipality would encourage to fit and be completed under this program.

The omnipresent wind turbine transmission line in the area is also something of a concern for Schellenberger and members of council.

Schellenberger admitted he has a personal interest in any transmission line since one proposed would go right past his Grand Bend area cottage.

“I’ve been as vocal as I could be with the Minister of Health,” he said, adding that a federal health study on the matter could “slow some of this down.”

The federal government has been in favour of spending money on alternative power, and wind is one of those alternatives, but that only concerns projects previously approved.

“It’s a real problem for us in rural Ontario,” he said. “If there ends up being no health problems, every part of every city should have one.”

Mayor McKenzie then asked Schellenberger if there is any wind turbines in Ottawa, jokingly adding “you [politicians] all have a lot of hot air.”

“Yes, but hot air melts those things,” Schellenberger responded in jest.

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Wind turbine transmission line worries council (West Perth)

By Rita Marshall, The Mitchell Advocate

West Perth council has concerns over a proposed transmission line from the Grand Bend wind turbine project that will run along Hibbert ward.

At council’s Oct. 9 meeting, CAO Will Jaques informed council that Northland Power is proposing a 230 kV line running for approximately 12 km down Road 183, which is the boundary between Hibbert ward and Huron East. The line would start a little more than a mile and a quarter south of Highway 8 and run to the West Perth / South Huron boundary.

The poles could be about 100 feet in height and located about 100 metres apart. Cables would hang on the inside of the poles, eliminating the need for easements on properties along the way.

Jaques said that Northland Power, the Neegan Burnside and Burnside engineering firms, and West Perth, South Huron and Huron East representatives met Sept. 25. He said that at the meeting, Northland Power seemed “more open” to the idea of compensating West Perth for hosting the transmission line, whether through a “vibrancy fund” and/or road user agreements.

But even with the promise of compensation, West Perth council wasn’t thrilled with the idea of the transmission line.

“There are still a lot of people who are very much it against it,” said Hibbert ward councillor Barb MacLean about the wind turbine project, calling it “too close to home.”

Deputy mayor Bill French said that he had spoken with the mayor of Wolfe Island, which hosts wind turbines and in-ground transmission lines.

“The townships did not get enough for what it’s costing them,” he said, adding that the wind turbine companies “called the shots on almost every road.”

Lyle Parsons, Neegan Burnside project manager for the Grand Bend Wind Farm, told the Advocate that there are several reasons why Road 183 was chosen. He said the Highway 83 to 23 route would have passed through more populated areas and environmentally sensitive areas, as well as being “considerably longer”.

A public meeting will be held in Mitchell by the Grand Bend Wind Farm project on Nov. 28 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Mitchell and District Community Centre. Documents on the project are available at the municipal office and at

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New study links wind turbines to ill health

The Stratford Beacon Herald

LONDON, ONT. – They live in the shadow of wind farms, and their stories of turbine-induced illness have been brushed aside by the wind industry, Ontario regulators and the province’s Liberal government.

But now, researchers have published the first ever peer-reviewed study linking wind turbines and ill health — giving opponents of wind turbines their heaviest arsenal in a fight that could shape the landscape of rural Ontario and perhaps political fortunes in the next election.

“I view it as a huge step forward. It definitely gives credibility to our case,” said Esther Wrightman, who’s led a crusade against 70 wind turbines west of Strathroy.

The study, published in the periodical Noise and Health, found that a random sample of residents living within 1.4 km of wind turbines in two Maine communities suffered more from impaired mental health and sleep deprivation than those who lived at least 3.3 km away.

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