Conestogo Wind Project Cancelled!!!!



December 9, 2014

Statement by MPP Pettapiece on demise of Conestogo Wind Project

(Queen’s Park) – The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and the Conestogo Wind Power Partnership have “mutually agreed” to terminate the FIT contract for the Conestogo Wind Energy Project, long planned for the Municipality of North Perth. This effectively ends the project. Randy Pettapiece today issued the following statement:

“The end of this project is nothing less than a victory for those who did not want industrial wind turbines imposed on their communities.

“It is a victory for the grassroots organizers who worked tirelessly to preserve their neighbourhoods, their farms, and their way of life. They prevailed over a multi-national wind company as well as the Liberal government, whose process was rigged against them.

“It is a victory for the Municipality of North Perth and the Township of Perth East. They deserve enormous credit for listening to their constituents and for standing with them as ‘unwilling hosts.’

“I was proud to support them at every step. Since I was first elected, I have repeatedly spoken up for them to two premiers, three energy ministers, two environment ministers, and to Invenergy itself. I hosted and attended public meetings, and wrote to the government approximately 500 times on behalf of my constituents who were overwhelmingly opposed to this project.

“However, this victory came at great cost. Individuals, families and municipalities have spent their time and money – neither of which they will ever get back. This could all have been avoided if the government had listened to us in the first place.

“All of this demonstrates that the Liberals’ Green Energy Act has been an outright failure. This legislation put the Invenergy proposal into motion, dividing our community and pitting neighbour against neighbour.

“Now it is time to heal the rifts this project has caused. I look forward to working with the community to help make that happen.”

– 30 –

Randy Pettapiece, MPP  |  519-272-0660  |


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