Submission: Risk of Harm to Children and Industrial Wind Turbines‏

The attached is a submission to Health Canada in regards to children and industrial wind turbines.

Health Canada_Risks to children December 27 2012 FINAL

December 27,  2012
Dear Minister  Aglukkaq,
Re: Health    Canada Wind Turbine Noise and   Health Study
Attached is  a submission regarding risk of harm  to children in general, with examples of increased vulnerability associated with  pre-existing medical conditions such as autism, respiratory conditions and other  when industrial wind turbine facilities are sited in close proximity to family  homes and schools.
It is my understanding that Canada has had a role regarding the United Nations Convention  on the Rights of the Child and  “the governments that have ratified it have legally agreed to fulfill its  provisions.” [references provided in the  attachment].
Parents  and other family members, care givers, and members of society in  general have expressed their concern regarding risks to our children. In  addition to risk to children generally, children with  pre-existing medical conditions can have increased risks of adverse effects. For  example autism, asthma, migraine, bronchitis, and epilepsy can be vulnerable to  the effects of noise and/or stress and/or sleep disturbance. These effects  can be detrimental to the health of children. Childhood asthma and migraine can  be triggered by stress.
This submission  is intended to contribute to the consultation process and study design for the  Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and  Health Study, to request an inquiry-investigation prior to finalizing the  study design.
I trust that Health Canada  will find this submission a useful contribution to the study design.
Respectfully  submitted,
Carmen Krogh,  BScPharm
Ontario, Canada

About windreceptor

windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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