Pettapiece demands moratorium on wind farm development

March 27,  2013
Pettapiece demands moratorium on  wind farm development
(Queen’s Park) – Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece again took his constituents’ concerns to  the Ontario legislature on wind farm  development. In a question to energy minister Bob Chiarelli, Pettapiece pressed  the government to make good on its promises in the throne speech by issuing a  moratorium on wind farm development.
The Liberals’ throne  speech talks about suddenly wanting to work with municipalities,” Pettapiece  said. “It talks about respecting local decision-making when it comes to energy  infrastructure development like wind turbines. It stresses the need to have  willing host communities.
“Well, minister, the  premier is visiting a non-willing host community as we speak, and my community  is definitely not a willing host community.”
In response, Chiarelli  promised the government is “working on some changes” to give municipalities more  control over the location of energy projects. Pettapiece was not  impressed.
“It sounds like the  Liberals forgot to include the fine print in the throne speech that states, ‘applies only to gas plants in the GTA where Liberal seats are at risk,’” Pettapiece said, referring to the cancelled gas plants in Oakville  and Mississauga that will cost taxpayers hundreds of  millions of dollars. The final bill is not yet known.
Despite the minister’s  response, Pettapiece is very concerned about that the government still has yet  to take any action.
“Minister, across Ontario, including Perth–Wellington, there are  proposals for industrial wind turbine projects that are strongly opposed by the  host local community,” he said.
For that reason,  Pettapiece and the Ontario PC caucus are calling for an immediate  moratorium.
On March 5, Pettapiece  demanded Premier Kathleen Wynne put a stop to the Conestogo Wind Energy Project.  He personally hand-delivered a copy of the package detailing the gaps in the  project as recorded by the Municipality of North  Perth.
At a minimum,  Pettapiece is asking the government to provide another 90-day review period  after Invenergy, the company proposing the wind farm, tries to fill in the gaps  identified by the municipality.
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