Reader wonders: Are you a NIMBY?

Mitchell Advocate

Dear Editor:

Just some observations at this time.

Yes, it is the beginning of April 2012. West Perth is a 25 per cent part of Perth County, which has a reputation of being a 90 per cent agricultural community. Farmers are itching to make that equipment fly and the blood in their veins pump as the seeds go in the ground.

I am asking everyone to inform and educate themselves aware of the implications and repercussion of the September 2009 Green Energy Act, and, aiding in the answer to my question. Mr. McGuinty, the author of the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) accusation, has left Ontario, or, may be deaf. His world, is HIS world.

West coast, Ontario has approximately 200 wind industry turbines installed and operating. Why?

Grand Bend Northland Power have presented their Draft Report to the public review, and held a public meeting in Mitchell District Arena & Community Centre on April 2nd. There are three other meetings scheduled for the immediate time future. They are held closer to the anticipated turbine industry project area, or the transmission destination. West Perth may, or could, become a stakeholder in their project by hosting some of the 40-odd kilometre transmission line.

The GEA, and the wind industry have, or may, take precedence over any of the 90 per cent agriculture endeavour of the past, in West Perth. Mention has not, or will not, be made of any future wind industry development for the study area. Hydro and OPA are speeding transmission grid availability and accessibility, with an anticipated deadline for the Bruce to Milton line for sometime in 2012.

There are communities along the shoreline of Lake Huron who have produced maps showing approximately 800 wind industry turbines which are now in the pipe. Some of these projects may not be eligible for cancellation, even in the event of a change in government.

Focusing on September/October 2013 in West Perth and the International Plowing Match (IPM) in Perth County, and, the 90 per cent agricultural designation, leaves one to a world of discussion, and my question.


Carol Ryan


About windreceptor

windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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