Pettapiece writes to Premier McGuinty on wind energy‏ – News Release

(Perth-Wellington) – Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece followed through this week on his commitment to bring his constituents’ concerns on wind turbines to the attention of the government.


On March 14, 2012, Pettapiece held a public Town Hall meeting in Atwood to hear directly from constituents on the issue. The event attracted hundreds of people from across Perth-Wellington. In a comprehensive, three-page open letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty, Pettapiece sent a clear message based on what he heard: his constituents are not happy with the government’s energy policies.


“The Premier needs to hear, loud and clear, from those most affected by his wind turbines policy,” said Pettapiece. “That’s why I wrote this letter on their behalf.”


Issues raised at Pettapiece’s public meeting included the so-called Global Adjustment fees, the impact of smart meters, wind turbines’ health effects, loss of prime agricultural land, and the government’s consultation process, which was described as a sham. Pettapiece reported these concerns, among others, in his letter to the Premier.


Pettapiece wrote the following:


“Many believe that wind energy projects are dividing neighbour from neighbour. Many of my constituents feel – with good reason, I believe – that their government has turned its back on them, siding with large wind energy companies at the expense of our communities.”


Pettapiece is by calling on the Premier to back down from those aspects of his government’s energy policies that are proving to be so damaging and divisive.


Prior to his Town Hall meeting, Pettapiece voted for a PC motion calling for a moratorium on further wind turbine development until third-party economic, health and environmental studies have been completed. With help from the NDP, the Liberal government defeated the motion.


Attached: Randy Pettapiece’s Open Letter to the Premier 

Open Letter to Premier McGuinty – Wind Energy Town Hall


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