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Invasion is both an accurate and appropriate word to use in relation to the process of placement of industrial wind turbines in Ontario’s rural areas. Like an invading army, the turbine companies that have plans for an area don’t advertise that they are moving in. After they use the land registry office in Stratford to see who owns what they make a plan to see what areas will be the easiest to get a contiguous string of farmers to sign up. They use pressure tactics like: “All your neighbours have signed up and you are the only one holding this project up” or “The only people that have health concerns are those that aren’t getting any lease money.”

Last fall’s election spoke loud and clear about what rural Ontario thinks about Dalton McGuinty’s wind subsidies. During the election, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) leadership misread the feelings of the majority of their members and just now have realized that their job is to be a representative of the people to the government. They saw that the MPPs who became representatives of the government to the people are now employed elsewhere. Their rhetoric and tone is exactly representative of the situation. The statement that the OFA should

tone it down and stop pandering to the wind opponents is rich to the extreme. With the amount of pandering he has done to the Liberals for eight years I guess he should know it when he sees it. The OFA statement captured the mood and frustration of rural Ontario exactly. He may think they are out of touch but their statement was bang on.

If McGuinty thinks the OFA statement is over the top I wonder what he thinks of the actions of the Arran-Elderslie council. It is about to give third reading to a bylaw championed by Elderslie ward Coun. Mark Davis who circulated the proposed bylaw at a special meeting of area councillors last week. It calls for “the protection of life, liberty and security of person” under Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, claiming wind turbines cause serious health effects and “are an eyesore on the rural landscape of Ontario.”

The turbine companies are invaders pure and simple. They were not invited in by the people whose land they intend to occupy and they are not welcome.

Ken Steven Stratford


About windreceptor

windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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