‘Why I can’t vote Liberal’

The Stratford Beacon Herald


I can’t vote Liberal for two main reasons: handling of wind turbine issues and management of our hydro.

If an industry wants to build or operate a business nearby to a residential area, the residents have the right to have their concerns about pollution, noise, traffic etc. heard and addressed. However, in the case of wind turbines, we have a government that has taken away the rights of municipalities to object to such developments. Moreover, when about 300 citizens met recently in Sebringville to express their very real concerns about a proposed local development, our representative, John Wilkinson, did not attend nor did he send a representative from his constituency office. I cannot vote for a representative who won’t listen to his constituents’ concerns. That is not democracy.

In 2009, Hydro One paid to its sole owner (the Province of Ontario), the amounts of $188 million in dividends and $77 million in payments in lieu of corporate income taxes. Perhaps, these amounts should have gone to debt repayment. Additionally, Hydro One is prepared to offer about $0.80/kWh for some renewable energy installations and is refunding customers 10% of their monthly bill for green energy. Customers are currently paying about $0.09/kWh. What is going to happen to our hydro rates in the future? What is going to happen to the debt load? I have not received a satisfactory response to these concerns.



About windreceptor

windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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