More research not a matter of opinion

The Stratford Beacon Herald

The problem with June 9 photo-op of Environment Minister and Perth-Wellington MPP John Wilkinson sitting beside 130 reports/research is that not one of them contains epidemiological research on the effects of industrial wind turbines on human health. How do I know? To date there has been no full epidemiological research done anywhere in the world. That’s right, nowhere in the world. But now you are thinking … they have wind turbines in Europe and they don’t make a fuss. Check out EPAW.organd you will discover that this is not true.

Writing reports about the good and the bad of industrial wind turbines without systematically studying the effects on real people is not research. For this reason, there is little comfort in Ontario’s chief medical officer’s “report” that did not speak to or examine individuals who claim health effects and only used research/reports that didn’t include an epidemiological study.

So exactly what is an epidemiological study and why is it so important? An epidemiological study is used to determine what factors are associated with risk factors and what factors may protect people against these risk factors. It is the cornerstone method of public health research and helps inform policy decisions.

So why has no one done an epidemiological study? Good question. (As with many things, you have to follow the flow of money.) Even one of the Australian Senate Inquiry’s recommendations suggests the necessity for one. Windvigilance, a group of world health professionals that includes Dr. Robert McMurtry, a former dean of medicine at the University of Western Ontario, also states that one is needed. The province’s own Environmental Tribunal suggests that more research needs to be done.

So why hasn’t our provincial government commissioned an epidemiological study? Good question, especially as it should inform policy decisions. Ask our MPP. You might be surprised, however, that the answer you get will be a form letter containing party rhetoric.





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