WEPAT says thanks

The Stratford Beacon Herald


Regarding the Aug. 9 public meeting in Sebringville, West & East Perth Against Turbines extends hearty “‘thank you” to the following participants and attendees:

*  To our esteemed guest speakers and our meeting moderator. Many positive and encouraging comments were received after the meeting regarding the quality of the information provided and regarding the professional and forthright manner in which it was presented.

*  To the Sebringville Athletic Association for the use of their facility as the meeting venue.

*  To the local and regional media for their thorough coverage.

An infinite amount of thanks and commendation are given to the public for their attendance and participation — this is a credit to their concern and interest in the welfare of their community. The individual donations made to WEPAT are acknowledged and appreciated.


Moving forward, WEPAT continues asks the public “stop, look, listen, think and act.” Further your awareness by educating yourselves and others about the developing issues concerning industrial wind turbines and the Green Energy Act. The Oct. 6 provincial election draws closer. You’re all encouraged to take an active interest and to get out to vote. The future of your community and your province is being shaped right now.

W. Dean Trentowsky, volunteer committee member West & East Perth Against Turbines Mitchell


About windreceptor

windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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