Many questions still to be answered

The Stratford Beacon Herald

Re Sept. 7 Point of View column, Questions Blowing in the Wind, by John Kastner

John Kastner’s analogy to the Meatloaf song Paradise by the Dashboard Light was spot on. Also, as pointed out in the song, when people want something badly they’ll make promises. Ontario is in the midst of an election, and the heat of the moment promises seem to be everywhere.

I am trying to get information on industrial wind turbines since they are being proposed for the Sebringville area. I attended the meeting in Sebringville which was sponsored by Wind Concerns of Ontario. During the meeting several concerns were raised, one being health issues. People whose health was affected by the noise and the infrasound of the turbines spoke. The only solution to their health problems was to sell their property to the wind-farm company.

I left the meeting with several questions, so I decided to contact John Wilkinson’s office to make an appointment to discuss my concerns. I was told I wouldn’t be able to meet him and to put my questions in writing. I did. I am still waiting for a response from the Liberal office.

I wanted to know the name of the report Mr. Wilkinson is using to assure himself that industrial windmills do not cause health problems. I would like to read it, too. I read the report Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal and this quote caused me concern: “However, the evidence shows that there are some risks and uncertainties associated with wind turbines that merit further research. In that regard, the Tribunal hopes that further debate focuses on the most appropriate standards rather than “yes or no” arguments about whether turbines can cause harm.” (Case Nos. 10-121/10-122 Erickson v MOE, page six).

The Ministry of Energy has funded Dr. Siva Sivoththaman of the University of Waterloo to provide independent research and advice on the potential health effects of wind turbines. The Conservatives have suggested a moratorium on further wind turbine development. I think this is a wise course in light of all the reported health concerns and it would give Dr. Sivoththaman and his team a chance to investigate the risks of wind turbines.

Also, I have questions about the efficiency of industrial wind turbines. It is very frustrating trying to get concrete answers from Mr. Wilkinson’s office. As the song states, ” I gotta to know right now! Before we go any further…” It is an election issue.



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