MOE Minister John Wilkinson’​s Ghoulish Attempts to Link Ontario Liberal Coal Deaths to Industrial Wind Scheme Shameful

Windconcerns Ontario –

Stratford – Trying to pre-empt a Wind Concerns Ontario rally in front of MPP John Wilkinson’s campaign office in Stratford tonight at 6pm, the MPP and a validator for the Ontario Liberals are off to the Stratford hospital testing out new political messaging, while trying to avoid the core problem that wind energy is expensive, unreliable, and harms people when turbines are built too close to homes.

“It’s not surprising John Wilkinson is at the Stratford Hospital today with one of the Ontario Liberal’s taxpayer funded ‘rent-a-validator’ to try to deflect from the real problem with the Ontario Liberals energy schemes. Wind cannot replace coal. Everyone, including John Wilkinson, knows that wind energy is intermittent and unreliable and is backed up by fossil fuel.

Wind energy’s best friend is ‘dirty fossil fuels’ which is why the Liberals are building fossil fuel plants to back up their wind schemes,” Said John Laforet, President of Wind Concerns Ontario.

“John Wilkinson and CAPE should be ashamed of themselves for trying to politicize coal deaths in Ontario and should reflect on the fact that it is the Liberals and not anyone else who has decided to keep those plants open past 2007, and 2011 killing tens of thousands of people on their watch. It’s just disgusting.” Laforet added.

John Laforet will be speaking at a Wind Concerns Ontario sponsored rally of Perth and Wellington County residents in front of John Wilkinson’s campaign office (145 Erie Street, Stratford) tonight at 6pm. He will be available on site at 5pm for media inquires and by phone prior to then.


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windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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