Wind turbines and politics

The Stratford Beacon Herald

A few years ago I thought wind turbines were what we needed. Travelling near Shelburne I saw the “Stop the Turbines” signs and wondered why, so I started to investigate and learned there are adverse effects to wind turbines. I have come to call it dirty green energy.

Recently a neighbour told me about travelling with another couple up to Port Elgin. On the way, they passed through two wind farms. At the first one his friend’s wife got really light-headed and she didn’t know what was so suddenly happening to her. Once they were past the wind farm she was OK.

This happened again going through the second “farm.” On the way home the turbines weren’t turning so there was no problem. My neighbour said he could hardly believe it but he saw it with his own eyes and now knows that some people have real problems with turbines. Imagine how she would be if she had to live by them?

John Wilkinson, Perth-Wellington MPP and environment minister, has been handing out a lot of money lately, but has any of it gone to the victims of wind turbines? If he is so certain there are no ill effects perhaps he should spend a few months around Ripley in one of the houses vacated because of turbines and prove it to the rest of us.

The way I see it, wind farm sales people sneak in, sign you up and as a result shut you up. Everything is “hush hush” and that’s why the general public doesn’t hear about the problems.

I was talking about turbines with a friend who lives in Huron County. He had no problem with wind turbines until I asked him if he’d like one 550 metres from his house and young family. Suddenly his opinion changed.

If I don’t want them in my backyard then they shouldn’t be in anyone’s backyard. Are there no rock piles or sand pits in the north (far away from people) to put turbines on? Is it good stewardship to be using prime agricultural land for wind farms? Our agricultural land is fast being depleted and, to me, “food” is more important than turbines; any fool should know that. We need to look at facts not just listen to spin.

Perhaps it’s a government scheme to get us out of the country and into the city. There would be no rural mail, no school buses and very little road maintenance. We’d live in the city and work out on the farm where the deer and the birds used to play and now the daltonbines screech away.

“Silence betokens consent.” Persian proverb Speak up.



About windreceptor

windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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