Health Concerns Major Issue with Wind Farms

It was standing room only at a public wind turbine meeting in Sebringville last night. The meeting was organized by Concerned Citizens of West and East Perth Against Turbines (WEPAT) after they learned that five turbines are currently in the works for installation on farmland in Perth County.

The thrust of the meeting, held at the Sebringville Community Centre, was to inform Perth County residents of the adverse effects of industrial wind turbines.

One of the guest speakers was Barb Ashbee,  a rural Shelburne resident who was force to leave her home after the effects of nearby wind turbines deteriorated her and her husband’s health. Ashbee said all her symptoms disappeared as soon as they moved away.

Other examples of health issues from wind turbines were headaches and constant vomiting from the electrical currents and low level sound emissions.

A real estate expert from Grey County also spoke about reduced property values and poor resale of country properties near wind farms.

Local Organic Farmer Antony John was one of many locals who addressed the crowd and he said turbines only run at 33% of their projected output, and never run at 100%. The math just doesn’t add up to wind replacing fossil fuel.

WEPAT President Dean Trentowsky said wind farms also drive communities apart and he believes the public needs to be more informed before they sign turbine leases.


About windreceptor

windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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