Anti-turbine group hosting public meeting

Stratford Gazette

August 3, 2011

West & East Perth Against Turbines (WEPAT) will be hosting a public information meeting in Sebringville on Tuesday, August 9 to counter recent comments made by Minister of the Environment John Wilkinson.

The meeting will be held at the Sebringville Community Centre starting at 7:30 p.m. and, according to a press release from the grassroots group, will reveal more information about the type of impact industrial wind turbine development is having on rural Ontario.

Among the night’s speakers will be David Colling, who has tested homes and farms for the presence of stray voltage and electrical interference. He will relate his experiences from tests performed in the Ripley and Shelburne areas.

Colling has stated that he has discovered numerous cases of problems that have resulted from “dirty electricity” and stray voltage.

Also on hand will be Lorrie Gillis and Barbara Ashbee, who will reveal what they say are the effects Ontario residents have experienced  due to the health related problems associated with industrial wind turbine development.

Mike McMurray will address the effect turbines can have on the value of properties that border next to these developments.

According to the group, many Ontario citizens disagree with the province’s push for more industrial wind turbine developments. The group says when the Ontario Green Energy Act was passed in May of 2009 little was known of its contents or its overall potential impact upon normal Ontario residents.

The act, along with its complement of provincial regulations, was the advent of sweeping changes to the both the landscape and the social fabric of rural Ontario.

Over 700 turbines are in place and hundreds more are in various stages of planning and development. As many as 7,000 towers are being planned for Ontario by the current McGuinty government, claims the group.

At the meeting, the speakers will address specific claims made by Minister Wilkinson in a July 18 press release in which he stated, “Ontario’s standards for renewable energy projects are based on leading science. We have one of the most stringent regulated setbacks for wind turbines in North America. Shifting to cleaner energy sources will protect and improve our environment and our health.

“We won’t allow any project to proceed unless it can be built and operated in a way that is fully protective of local communities.”

WEPAT is a group of concerned local citizens that was formed to raise public awareness about the impact that the development of industrial wind turbine projects will have on the future of the region. Its chief concerns are the potentially negative impacts that will be placed upon human health, animal health, property rights and property value.


About windreceptor

windreceptor is a volunteer committee member of WEPAT.
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