Watts in your Hydro Bill

Presentation by Parker Gallant on Wednesday July 9th at 8pm

Brodhagen Community Centre (6708 Perth Line 44, Brodhagen)

Sponsored by the Perth County Federation Of Agriculture and is open to all.

See link below for more information:

Watts in Your Hydro

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Local Protest! – Presence Needed!


More info in the attachment below:

Signs will be available

Not a Willing Host Protest(1)

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Submission: Risk of Harm to Children and Industrial Wind Turbines‏

The attached is a submission to Health Canada in regards to children and industrial wind turbines.

Health Canada_Risks to children December 27 2012 FINAL

December 27,  2012
Dear Minister  Aglukkaq,
Re: Health    Canada Wind Turbine Noise and   Health Study
Attached is  a submission regarding risk of harm  to children in general, with examples of increased vulnerability associated with  pre-existing medical conditions such as autism, respiratory conditions and other  when industrial wind turbine facilities are sited in close proximity to family  homes and schools.
It is my understanding that Canada has had a role regarding the United Nations Convention  on the Rights of the Child and  “the governments that have ratified it have legally agreed to fulfill its  provisions.” [references provided in the  attachment].
Parents  and other family members, care givers, and members of society in  general have expressed their concern regarding risks to our children. In  addition to risk to children generally, children with  pre-existing medical conditions can have increased risks of adverse effects. For  example autism, asthma, migraine, bronchitis, and epilepsy can be vulnerable to  the effects of noise and/or stress and/or sleep disturbance. These effects  can be detrimental to the health of children. Childhood asthma and migraine can  be triggered by stress.
This submission  is intended to contribute to the consultation process and study design for the  Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and  Health Study, to request an inquiry-investigation prior to finalizing the  study design.
I trust that Health Canada  will find this submission a useful contribution to the study design.
Respectfully  submitted,
Carmen Krogh,  BScPharm
Ontario, Canada
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Case Study: Impact of a Wind Turbine Project on a Rural Community‏

Invenergy is proposing to construct a wind turbine project in North Perth and Perth East southeast of Listowel. The impact of wind turbines on intensive agricultural operations and rural hamlets has not been given sufficient consideration in the REA process reviewing wind turbine projects and the Elma-Mornington Concerned Citizens have looked to the other nearby communities where turbines have been operating for some time to understand the impact.

The following report on the Ripley Wind Turbine project is part of this research process. It documents the situations and current status of 12 properties within the Ripley project area.


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Rural wind power neighbours vindicated in concerns about lost property value, noise


TORONTO, April 23, 2013 /CNW/ – Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of individuals and community groups concerned about the negative impacts of large-scale wind power developments, has reacted positively to a decision yesterday by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The decision states that while the plaintiffs could not sue for lost property value before the wind project was approved by the government, they can take action later.

“The judge accepts unreservedly that property value is lost for neighbours of these power projects based on the evidence,” says Jane Wilson, president. “He also accepted that the possibility of adverse health effects from the environmental noise. This is vindication for Ontario’s rural and small urban residents, and for municipal councils who try to protect their citizens by declaring they are not ‘willing hosts’ to wind power generation projects.”

The decision noted evidence of property value losses in the range of 22 to 50 percent. “The effect on Ontario’s economy of property values losses on that scale would be significant and impact municipal tax revenues,” said Wilson. “The government subsidy for large-scale wind power must halt.”

SOURCE: Wind Concerns Ontario

For further information:

Jane Wilson 613-489-3591/613-725-7120


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Ontario court says wind turbines reduce property values

Court decision paves the way for future lawsuits against wind turbine companies and lease holders

By , Farms.com

An Ontario Superior Court of Justice has determined that landowners living near industrial wind turbine projects do suffer from diminished property values.


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Court Decision

Court Accepts 22% to 50% Loss of Property Values is Occurring Today; Court and Wind Company also Acknowledge Health and Noise Issues in Context of Motion
TORONTO, April 23, 2013 /CNW/ – In a decision released late yesterday, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has determined that while residents of Clearview Township cannot bring claims for a proposed industrial wind project at this time, the ruling is “without prejudice to the plaintiffs’ rights to commence an action for identical or similar relief when and if the Fairview Wind Project receives the necessary approvals to be constructed.” [Para. 6]
The court has specifically recognized that claims against wind companies and against landowners who agree to host wind turbines are possible as soon as projects receive approval. [Para. 37] “There are many people who have been waiting to see how the courts would respond to these types of claims” said lawyer Eric Gillespie, whose firm acts for the plaintiffs in the actions. “It now seems clear that as soon as a project is approved residents can start a claim. This appears to be a major step forward for people with concerns about industrial wind projects across Ontario.”
In addition, Gillespie’s firm acts for other clients in areas where wind projects have been approved. “Dozens of plaintiffs who have already started actions appear to have had the right to bring claims validated” he said. “We can definitely expect more claims now that this door has been opened.”

Continue reading:

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County Official Plan – public input meeting

There is a meeting to discuss whether Perth County’s Official Plan should be revisited in regards to wind turbines. The County is asking for public input into the issue.

This is an opportunity for you to give our local elected officials your input into Plan.

Currently, there is provision for large scale wind farms.  Attached is the current relevant information that currently exists in the Official Plan.


Date: Thursday April 18

Time: 7:30 pm

Location:  Sebringville

Please pass this information on to others.Current Relevant Sections

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Wind power kills jobs and increases electricity costs: Report

By Antonella Artuso, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

Thursday, April 11, 2013 8:36:23 EDT AM
TORONTO — Ontario’s pursuit of wind power has driven up electricity prices, is killing jobs and might even lead to more smog, a new Fraser Institute report says.
To read more: http://www.torontosun.com/2013/04/11/wind-power-kills-jobs-and-increases-electricity-costs-report

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Pettapiece demands moratorium on wind farm development

March 27,  2013
Pettapiece demands moratorium on  wind farm development
(Queen’s Park) – Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece again took his constituents’ concerns to  the Ontario legislature on wind farm  development. In a question to energy minister Bob Chiarelli, Pettapiece pressed  the government to make good on its promises in the throne speech by issuing a  moratorium on wind farm development.
The Liberals’ throne  speech talks about suddenly wanting to work with municipalities,” Pettapiece  said. “It talks about respecting local decision-making when it comes to energy  infrastructure development like wind turbines. It stresses the need to have  willing host communities.
“Well, minister, the  premier is visiting a non-willing host community as we speak, and my community  is definitely not a willing host community.”
In response, Chiarelli  promised the government is “working on some changes” to give municipalities more  control over the location of energy projects. Pettapiece was not  impressed.
“It sounds like the  Liberals forgot to include the fine print in the throne speech that states, ‘applies only to gas plants in the GTA where Liberal seats are at risk,’” Pettapiece said, referring to the cancelled gas plants in Oakville  and Mississauga that will cost taxpayers hundreds of  millions of dollars. The final bill is not yet known.
Despite the minister’s  response, Pettapiece is very concerned about that the government still has yet  to take any action.
“Minister, across Ontario, including Perth–Wellington, there are  proposals for industrial wind turbine projects that are strongly opposed by the  host local community,” he said.
For that reason,  Pettapiece and the Ontario PC caucus are calling for an immediate  moratorium.
On March 5, Pettapiece  demanded Premier Kathleen Wynne put a stop to the Conestogo Wind Energy Project.  He personally hand-delivered a copy of the package detailing the gaps in the  project as recorded by the Municipality of North  Perth.
At a minimum,  Pettapiece is asking the government to provide another 90-day review period  after Invenergy, the company proposing the wind farm, tries to fill in the gaps  identified by the municipality.
- 30  -
Randy Pettapiece,  MPP  |  519-272-0660  |  http://www.pettapiece.ca/
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